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Create a certifiable aircraft then accelerate to market

Our Offering

Design changes at certification and flight test stages are extremely expensive.  Draw upon our expertise to avoid that situation.

Our systems engineering experts have a deep understanding of eVTOL certification needs, a proven track record of accelerating product to market, and will happily integrate with and upskill your existing workforce. 


Free your time from recruiting and focus on getting your aircraft and systems certifiable.

Safety & Certification led System Architecture Design

Our experienced systems and safety engineers will work collaboratively with your team.  Breaking down the complexities of your eVTOL aircraft, suggesting solutions and providing guidance to ensure designs are certifiable.

Certification Gap Analysis

A design audit of your eVTOL aircraft or system, providing you with a report highlighting the gaps against certification standards, along with suggested  improvements.

Learn more + obtain a fixed price quotation:

Guidance and Training

All of our engineering services come with an element of informal training as we work alongside your engineers, however we also provide more formal training in any of our technical specialisms.


The Novel Difference

Our key differentiators are the experience of our Engineers and our Ethos.

Our Engineers have accumulated centuries of Aerospace design and certification experience, as experts and as Chief Engineers in various Airframers and Tier 1 Companies

Our Ethos is to always be open minded and positive towards innovation whilst remaining focussed on safety and certification.


Our Expertise

"The quality of work provided by your engineers is what separates you from the lot and it is something to be proud of."



Simon Brault, Mitsubishi Aerospace Safety Lead





Concept of operations and certification strategy support provided by Novel.



What are the challenges facing the eVTOL market at the moment?

There are many, but focusing on the Aircraft itself, it is a lack of design standards or reference designs.

If early stage engineering teams lack aircraft certification experience, then this can lead to extremely expensive late stage architecture changes

- John Rees, Head of New Technologies

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Faraday Battery Challenge Round 4 Now Live

The fourth phase of this battery technology related challenge has now been launched, with funding up to £300k available per project. In it's fourth incarnation, the scope has been broadened to include Aerospace applications and Novel are currently seeking collaborative research partners.  contact us.


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