Engineering Misson

"To create an engineering environment that will attract and stimulate the best engineering talent. Leading to delivery of the highest quality of work to our customers.
This is achieved by focussing on Technology, People and Process."


At Novel we know that our product and strongest asset is our people.  In order to nurture this great product and develop it, we invest and stimulate these people to enjoy their work and fulfil their potential.  By staying at the forefront of research and technology we guarantee that our engineers are challenged and able to give significant technology benefit back to our customers.


We firmly believe that a person can do great things but a group of people can truly achieve the extraordinary.  To this end we promote group problem solving and innovation workshops to get the best from these great minds and offer support to individuals tackling difficult challenges.


Although our product is people we must protect our commitment to our customers by continuously developing and implementing processes to capture the knowledge and behaviour of this great asset and in doing so guarantee seamless and continuous support in the event of a transition of personnel.





  • We aim to seek out technological challenges

  • Challenging our engineers to innovate at every opportunity to stimulate and support the customer's incremental development

  • Using a combination of senior specialists and bright talent in problem solving forums to tackle in-service challenges

  • Forming specialist technology groups to discuss the latest developments in technology and legislation

  • Hosting and participating in webinars and technology conferences

  • Promoting Aerospace Engineering in the local community visiting schools and supporting aerospace courses at local Universities.



  • We invest in high aptitude, highly skilled people

  • Recruiting experienced domain experts

  • Driving the higher level specialists to achieve design office approval with the customer

  • Continuous training to challenge and up-skill staff

  • Driving excellence in systems engineering targeting key design processes

  • ARP 4754 – ABD0200

  • ARP 4761

  • DO 254, DO 178


  • We bind our natural best practices with strong user friendly processes that are continuously implemented and evolved

  • Aligning internal processes with those of our customers

  • Driving knowledge management as part of the daily routine not as an after thought, working this jointly with the customer



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